Omar Veluz goes from singing harmonies to hair solutions! Trending beyond music we learn more!

Hi Omar! Thank you for talking with us today! Do you believe there is enough time in the day with what you want to accomplish? What do those accomplishments look like right now?

Is there enough time in a day to accomplish everything I want to do in a day? Absolutely not! Haha. Not if I want to get a decent amount of sleep and quiet time for my brain to rest. Things can definitely get a bit hectic with attempting to meet all the demands of every day, I even have to make time to feed myself! Haha. I know I am doing good if I am able to eat all 3 meals, take a shower, brush my teeth, hit the gym, and am able to call my mom for a nice phone chat! Besides that, It is a matter of keeping a list of tasks that I usually give myself a time frame to complete. It is very important to maintain organized and furthermore keep a healthy mind. Having a healthy mind allows me to confront all the obstacles of my everyday life with the right energy to overcome and succeed in what I strive for.

You are really fashionable! How do you keep a look that is true to yourself as an artist?

Thank you for thinking I am fashionable. I have always been a person that strives to demonstrate on the outside what I feel on the inside. This allows me to maintain a level of transparency to those that give me their attention. I try to always wear things that make me feel a certain kind of way, a way that I can ask myself "Is this what you'd like to say today?" If the answer is "yes" then I know I am wearing the right things. :)

Would you describe yourself as a trendsetter?

Am I a trendsetter? I have never thought of myself as a trendsetter. I did have the pleasure to meet the marketing genius behind the video game "Just Dance" who believed that I was. When I was speaking to him about my work and what I had done with some of my music projects in the past, he said to me, "You are quite the trendsetter." Besides that moment, which made me laugh a little, I have never believed I have set myself out to set trends. I put myself out there as a representation of courage, strength, determination, and love.

What is a trend that you absolutely will always have in your closet?

Black biker boots. A trend that everyone should always have in their closet are biker boots, they always come to save the night when nothing else seems to. Both from making your look come together to jumping onto and over puddles. Biker boots are a must have in every closet in the entire universe!

What is something you hope never comes back in style?

The one thing that I hope doesn't come back in style would have to be... this is a very difficult question to answer. I think every style has its purpose and place, now matter how wild it may be. I was going to say a mullet, but even mullets on certain people are really cool. I had a semi mullet once. I started to let my hair grow evenly from being really short and I decided to shave one of the sides. I didn't realize that by doing that, the length in the back would get significantly longer than the top due to the roundness of our heads. For a while, I had a faux mullet and I think it looked pretty dope! I think everything if worn correctly could be in style.

You're in the beauty industry as well! What's the importance of being a part of haircare for you?

I am also in the beauty industry. I have recently started a hairline that helps with hair loss and increases hair growth. I started with three 100% organic serums that are available now in 4oz bottles. I am also developing a few leave-in conditioners as part of the entire hair regime. I am really excited for this, it has been a really fun and exciting process developing these serums. The reason why I got into the hair industry is because my hair has always been a huge part of my life. Being in front of the camera, you always want to look your best. I remember the day that I noticed that my receding hairline was growing and that is when I began to look into products to reduce thinning of my hair. There wasn't anything out on the market that was substantial in amount of product to the price I was paying. It was really hard to make sense of the price. I then learned how to make my own serum, thanks to the housekeeper at a job that I worked at. I was working for a music company and the long hours at work stressed me out a bit and I noticed I started losing my hair. She then gave me a natural recipe that really worked for me. Since then, I have increased the amount of ingredients in the serum and have developed a much more refined formulation that I am excited to share with the world. The name of the hairline is Vokse Hair Solutions (

Give us your favorite quote that you repeat to yourself constantly?

My favorite quote that I repeat to myself is, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." - Maya Angelou

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