Taylor Ming is a 28 year old freelance stylist located in south central Florida. She is married to an extremely handsome cowboy and they have a beautiful one year old daughter. Taylor is passionate about making people feel great about themselves. She finds joy in styling looks for people that will make their overall confidence peak! She loves people, she loves fashion and she loves bringing the two together.

Would you wear the very first outfit you put together now?

Ha Ha No, I don’t think I would wear it now BUT I will say it was fire for the time and the trends that were popular when I put it together!

What is the best part of creating your look?

The best part of creating my look is that I get to embody all of my different personality traits. A little sporty, a little trendy and a little western all rolled into one eye-catching vibe!

Do you like a theme when it comes to putting together a look?

Do I like a theme??? Ohhhh man, I LIVE for a theme. To be completely honest, every look that I put together is based on a theme. Going to a baseball game? I will fully commit to the athletic vibe. Rodeo? Yeehaw lets go girls. Race Car birthday party for a 4 year old? Checkered pants here I come. Honestly basing my looks off of the theme of the day/event is my main strategy. Overall, huge fan of a theme!!

What is the most consistent advice you have to give when trying a new look?

The most consistent advice that I have to give when trying a new look is to be open minded and give something a chance. A Lot of clients are set on their certain style but at the end of the day if they were 100% satisfied with their style they wouldn’t have hired me to help them! Trust me, trust the process and give yourself a chance to like new things.

Are there any challenges to coming up with THE vision you know is just perfect for yourself but might not be ready to take the leap?

Yes!! My biggest challenge is honestly budgeting. If I had unlimited funds I would be looking straight fire every single day. But that just isn’t my reality. I try to only splurge on statement pieces and everything else. I try to be very frugal. It is possible to have great style and stick to a budget. Not quite as fun, but definitely possible.

How important is branding when it comes to style?

I think this depends on the person. If you have a signature color or accessory then I think it is important to stay on brand with that. You know, give the people what they want. But if you are just an individual I think it is totally fine to go in whatever direction your mood takes you that day!

Is there a style that is a NO GO every time?

I would.t say that there is any certain style that I have a hard no go about but I will say there are certain cuts of clothing that I try and stay away from. For my personal body type, I try to stay away from joggers, skinny jeans or anything that draws attention to my tiny legs. My upper body is larger than my lower body so I try to only wear wider cut things on the bottom so that it evens out my proportions.

What is a trend that is always a YES?!

A trend that is always going to be a yes for me is gold jewelry. You really just can’t go wrong. It is so timeless and classy. Even if you're wearing an oversized T-shirt, layer some gold necklaces and add a gold hoop and BOOM it's a look!

How do you set yourself apart to keep your uniqueness?

I feel like I set myself apart and keep my uniqueness by not being afraid to go for it! I also have been raised in the western ranching industry so I have been heavily influenced by the western style. I am not scared to rock cowgirl boots at any given time. I feel like my boldness and my ability to take different styles and mesh them into one is what makes me stick out in the crowd.

Where does your confidence come from?

I honestly was raised to be confident. Confident in myself, confident in my choices, confident in my style; My parents supported me and helped me in anything I wanted to do so my confidence runs deep but I married a man that loves me with his whole entire soul and encourages me to go for it! Being loved well is a huge factor in my confidence. I love myself like to my core I love who I am and I think that helped play a role in me finding a husband that also loves who I am. Whether I am in sweats or full glam I always feel completely myself because confidence is something you can’t wipe off!

What is the most daring decision you have made so far in your career?

I just cut 8 inches off my hair and went blonde for the first time ever!! I have always had long dark hair and my hair was what people thought about first when they thought about me. It was my identifier. I decided it was time to do something that pushed me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to turn it up a notch!I am loving my new look and so ready to start styling some cool looks to show it off!

What is the most daring style you've done?

What is the most daring style I’ve done?? Hmm… To me I feel like none of my style is that daring because I’m always confident in my choices but to someone else I think maybe when I had Purple and teal streak in my hair for my senior prom haha I live in a very small southern town so that was a lot for some people to take in.

Is there anything in your closet you're updating right now that you would like to pass on to others?

I am finally buying clothes that actually fit!!!! This is so important. For years my clothes were so big because I was in between sizes. If you only take one thing away from our time together today let it be this: GET YOUR CLOTHES TAILORED. Ill fitting clothes can just totally kill the whole vibe.

How can people follow your fashion journey?

I would love to have you all follow my fashion journey on Instagram!! My handle is @taymarie863. I post my outfits of the day to my stories, share tips and tricks I find and overall inspiration. My favorite things to post though are themed shoots. They fuel my creative fire like no other. Lots of big changes are coming soon for me though so follow my instagram and come along for the ride!

Any upcoming projects you want to share before you go!?

I do have a few projects that are currently in the works but at this moment I am keeping them under wraps until they are ready to launch!

Last but not least, leave us with your best style advice you've received EVER.

The best style advice that I have EVER received is this: If you love it, wear it, if you don’t, then don’t. I feel like a lot of times we hear people say “oh who cares if you love it, wear it” and I totally agree with that but I also want people to know that if you don't love it, you don’t have to wear it! Some trends just aren't what you're into. I don't love crop tops. Even though they are probably the most trending thing at this time in history, I don’t love them so I don’t wear them. I may not feel this way forever but I never want to wear something just because it;s the thing to wear at the time. I only wear things that feel like ME!

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