Singer/ Songwriter Maxx is not only a supreme talent but supremely stylish!

We love the cover art for your latest single 'Lover Boy'! How did you pick the look?

I actually was shopping at a thrift store and found that outfit and I NEEDED it and felt that it really fit the fun and flirty vibe of Loverboy.

Who is influencing your style lately?

Actually my 6 year old self and my uncle’s style from the 90s lol. All the pink and 2000s looks is my little inner child and then the 90s look in my style is inspired by my uncle.

How much fun do you have when you dress up for something?

I wear sweats and pjs like 90% of the time so whenever I have to get dressed up I always have a blast and love it!

Describe your style in three words?

Comfy, original, maxxy lol

What trend can never leave your closet?

My adidas high tops! I’m kinda thinking about gluing them on my feet permanently.

What trend do you hope goes away to never return again?

I kinda appreciate all trends because it’s a representation of someone’s personal expression which can never be wrong in my opinion.

What kind of future looks do you want to try?

Sometimes I really want to dye pink streaks in my hair (which I did when I was a kid) but I keep second guessing it. I also love blazers and want to start wearing those more!

How do new fans stream your music?

Everywhere! I’m on all music platforms as Maxx!

Where do they follow you?

You can follow me everywhere! On Instagram and Snapchat I’m Maxx.Nies and on Facebook YouTube and all music platforms it’s just Maxx. Also here’s a link to all of my socials and websites!

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