The styles and the musical stylings of TyraTiara!

YAY! TyraTiara is here and we're so excited to be speaking with you! As a duo what is the best part of creating your look?

Tiara: The best part about creating our look is definitely differentiating our unique styles as individuals.

Tyra: For me, I really just love that laid back type of fit. For example, I might wear baggy jeans with a nice shirt and some heels.

Tiara: Exactly, that’s her go to. As for myself, I love an edgy skirt or a dress, so I think we balance each other out for sure.

Are there any challenges to it?

Tiara: I feel the only part that is challenging is making sure we execute the look we have created in our minds, because sometimes, we put together an outfit and it doesn’t translate well on stage or exactly how we would like.

Tyra: I agree. That’s why a stylist would definitely come in handy.

How important is branding when it comes to style to you?

Tyra: How you dress is an extension of yourself so I think your style is essential when it comes to branding.

Tiara: However, I think it’s important to note, and I think most people can agree, that your style changes throughout your life. Your mood changes. The way a person wants to brand themselves can change as well. So I think giving yourself that space and opportunity to experiment with different looks and clothing is important, regardless of what people or your audience has identified you as in the past.

Is there a style that is a NO GO every time?

Tyra: I honestly don’t think there is a style we wouldn’t try.

Tiara: Yeah we are pretty open to anything.

What is a trend that is always a YES?!

Tiara: I’ve been seeing a lot of square toed high heels lately and think that’s a trend that is always a YES. I am not sure how long they will stick around but as of now, they are my go-to heels.

Tyra: Low waisted baggy jeans are always a YES! It’s sexy but chill all in one.

How do you set yourselves apart to keep your uniqueness?

Tyra: Although we like to coordinate our looks for cohesiveness, we set ourselves apart naturally by being who we are authentically.

Tiara: It’s more likely you’ll see Tyra rocking some Converses or VANS during a performance than you’d see me wearing them. We let each other be who we are and I think over time people will see the differences.

What is the most consistent advice you have to give when trying a new look?

Tiara: The most consistent advice I have when trying a new look is to be bold. Who cares what it will look like in the end. It’s fun to experiment.

Tyra: Experimentation gets you one step closer to finding out what you truly like, regardless of how it turns out.

Where does the confidence come from when trying a new look?

Tiara: The confidence to try a new look comes from within. Also, not worrying about what people think goes a long way. That’s freeing.

Tyra: We also give each other confidence as well.

Who is the most daring when it comes to style out of both?

Tiara: It’s funny, although Tyra is the most daring when it comes to her lifestyle and the way she lives, I believe I am more daring when it comes to style. I like to think outside of the box, especially when styling for a music video or photoshoot.

Tyra: Yeah she’s the more cautious one in daily life, but will go all out when it revolves around our music.

Is there anything in your closet you're updating right now?

Tiara: As for updates on my closet, I am keenly aware of my love for black, brown, grey, and beige clothing. So, I am making a deliberate effort to add more color into my life.

Tyra: I am not much of a girly-girl and I really don’t like shopping, so no updates to my closet as of yet. Only until our next performance will I add to my closet, and I’ll honestly tell Tiara what I want and I’ll let her do the shopping!

Tiara: I don’t mind. Team work makes the dream work!

And on to the most important question! What are you working on right now with your music?!

Now that our album Hollow Cherries is out, we are practicing for upcoming performances with our band! Even through the successful release of our album, we are still recording music for our next project, so be on the lookout!

Where can fans go to support you?

You all can check our music out on ALL streaming platforms! We are also on Instagram and Twitter @tyratiaramusic. Finally, we do have a website that has our latest updates and links our newest merchandise store. DM us, email us, and tag us! We love hearing from our supporters!

Last but not least, leave us with your best style advice you've received.

Tiara: There will be a lot of people directly or even indirectly telling you how you should dress or how you should brand yourself. I’ve never really received any style advice but what I would tell others is to stick to your truest self, because authenticity is relatable.

Tyra: I’d say trust your vision for yourself because there is not another YOU. So YOU are the one who has the final say in your style and how you want to be presented to the world.

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