Savannah Vinson and is a model / content creator based in NYC! She has built her Tik Tok to 136,800 followers. She also owns a casting agency “Queen Castings.” And books models, actors, dancers, and influencers for projects in NY, LA, and Miami!

When did you fall for fashion?

I fell in love with fashion when I was a little girl! I would put little runway shows on for my family in Ohio. Would you wear the very first outfit you put together now?

I would not wear my first look I put together when I was a little girl. I would wrap blankets around my body into dresses. So I’m not sure that would look super cute! Haha What is the best part of creating your look?

The best feeling is after completing the look that makes me feel super confident! Do you like a theme when it comes to putting together a look?

My style is definitely more on the edgy side. However, I love to wear different styles depending on my mood each day. What is the most consistent advice you have to give when trying a new look?

Do not judge the look until it’s fully put together. Are there any challenges to coming up with THE vision you know is just perfect for yourself but might not be ready to take the leap?

Sometimes I have visions for a certain look, however once it’s all out together it doesn’t look how I imagined, but that’s okay! You just keep trying until the look fits your style. How important is branding when it comes to style?

I don’t care about logos at all! I honestly find the best outfits at random shops! Is there a style that is a NO GO every time?

Long skirts! I absolutely love the way they look, however every time I try to wear a long skirt it never does me justice. What is a trend that is always a YES?!

Leather! You can never go wrong with a nice leather jacket or leather black pants. How do you set yourself apart to keep your uniqueness?

I like to wear funky different outfits to stand out from the basic T shirt / Jeans. I like to be a pop in the crowd. Where does your confidence come from?

I get my confidence from being a model. I always in front of random people for shoots / events etc! So it makes me break out of my shell. What is the most daring decision you have made so far in your career?

Moving to NYC from Ohio at the age of 17 years old to peruse my modeling career. What is the most daring style you've done?

I recently cut my hair into a shag / wolf cut that makes me look level up on the edginess. Is there anything in your closet you're updating right now that you would like to pass on to others?

I would love to pass down some of my jackets! How can people follow your fashion journey?

Check out my Instagram @_queen.sav_ to see more of my looks! Any upcoming projects you want to share before you go!?

Yes! I’m currently working with some awesome clothing brands & I can’t wait to share them on my social media that I have partnered with.

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