Singer/ Songwriter Rose Starring is a vision of style and a visionary of so much more too!

What are you up to with your music these days?

Lately I’ve been in a phase of collecting ideas for new music and upcoming releases while I focus on promoting this EP! I really want to make music videos for some of the songs on Stages of Grief, so I’ve been scheming about that as well!

What is the positive message you want fans to be sent through your music?

It’s okay to feel your emotions fully and deeply. Vulnerability can be a strength. No matter what life throws your way, you can still remain soft and full of love for the world. There’s always hope.

How do you keep a look that is true to yourself as an artist with your style?

I think having your own sense of style is all about being able to blend current trends into your own personal style. I like to shop secondhand and find pieces that no one else will have and combine those with my wardrobe staples. I just like to keep it fun, because it really is just playing dress-up as an adult and I think it’s a wonderful way to express yourself.

Would you describe yourself as a trendsetter?

I hope I am! There was a long period of time where I was pretty concerned with fitting in and following trends, but once I started to use my style to express myself, it became such a more joyous thing to me. It just makes my life more fun to dress how I want.

What is a trend that you absolutely will always have in your closet?

Probably crop tops and high waisted pants. I’ll always love them. The silhouette is so flattering on everyone!

What is something you hope never comes back in style?

Skinny jeans. I’m good on them for a long time. I remember squeezing into mine in middle school and doing little squats in the morning so that I could bend my knees in them. They were suffocating!

Give us your favorite quote that you repeat to yourself constantly?

Everything that happens to me is the best possible thing that could happen to me.

Socials to connect and stay connected!

Facebook: @rosestarringmusic

Instagram: @rose.starring

Twitter: @rosestarring

TikTok: @rosestarring

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