Juleen is mother striving to do her best and trying to change the world by instilling confidence in women all over the world.

We're so glad you could take this interview and we're so excited to be able to learn all things YOU! Let's start from the beginning! When did you fall for fashion? I fell for fashion once I learned to love my body and realized I could express myself through fashion. Would you wear the very first outfit you put together now? No, I have to try a million pieces on before deciding on an outfit. What is the best part of creating your look? Being able to bring out my inner ego. Do you like a theme when it comes to putting together a look? Not really it all depends on how I feel at the moment, and also the occasion im putting the look for. What is the most consistent advice you have to give when trying a new look? To take a leap of faith and go for it. If it does work, it's ok. At least you can say you try it. Are there any challenges to coming up with THE vision you know is just perfect for yourself but might not be ready to take the leap? My biggest challenge is constantly worrying about what people might think and how they might react and that im too over-dressed for the occasion. How important is branding when it comes to style? Branding is not a massive deal for me. It's all about who they are and what value they bring, and how it will work for me. Is there a style that is a NO GO every time? Yes, the kind where everyone has their butt showing out their pant; that's a no-no for me. What is a trend that is always a YES?! I love the crop top and baggy look. I think it's so sexy. How do you set yourself apart to keep your uniqueness? I all try to find ways to change up my outfit look from others and style it differently to create my unique style while showing a little creativity. Where does your confidence come from? My confidence comes from my shyness and nervousness, hahaha; you would be surprised im timid; I told myself if I walked and talked with confidence, no one would ever know my weakness. What is the most daring decision you have made so far in your career? Taking a leap of faith and stepping into the fashion world and doing my first commercial with h&m. What is the most daring style you've done? Cutting my hair in a men's high top and Wearing a men's suit. Is there anything in your closet you're updating right now that you would like to pass on to others? I have a lot of things in my closet that I should update and pass on. But one, I would pass on this beautiful green half-the-shoulder dress to someone else. How can people follow your fashion journey? They can follow me on Instagram@simplelifeofjuleen Pinterest @simplelifeofjuleen Rizzle @Simplelifeofjuleen_dhaiv Youtube @ simplelifeofjuleen Any upcoming projects you want to share before you go!? Working on this project with a new upcoming bikini company, simple j divine, to be their face of their bikinis. Last but not least, leave us with your best style advice you've received EVER. Fashion is about taking risks and having fun. Take some risks and bring your A game. Thank you! SHINE ON AND STAY STYLISH!

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