Hi Kim! Thank you so much for taking this interview! We are loving "Seaper Powers" and all things sea life! How did this project come together?

Well, when I was on tour back in the late part of 2013 in the Caribbean, I met a little girl who came up to me during one of my set breaks. She and I had a really nice conversation, and part of that included that she had a love for octopus. Now, it struck me as a bit odd, because most little girls probably look at dolphins or whales as their choice of sea life that they love, but not this one. She had this unique spirit that inspired me to write Mr. Octopus with my guitarist on the beach the next day. After we completed the song, my guitar player suggested I write a story around the song…. Well, one thing led to another and we decided to make an audio book, and I guess the rest is history.

Did anyone inspire you to bring "Seaper Powers" fruition?

The kids I teach really brought all the characters to life. Two little girls, one that I met, and one that I used to give vocal lessons to were the inspiration behind the main character ‘Emma.’ Some of the storylines come directly from various children that I know. I wanted to incorporate their life stories into my books in a unique way. What is the philosophy of "Seaper Powers"?

Seaper Powers is really a series that focuses on our connection to animals, and how that connection will help us keep our oceans clean, and our environment safe for all living creatures. Whether it is one of the books, or the songs one the children’s albums. In between, there is a bit of fun with the Forever Coloring Books (my newest invention) and the plush toys. How often do you reflect on new projects before putting them out to the world?

Everyday. I am never stopping with ideas…my issue is converting those ideas to reality. I have too many!

Any next moves for 2021 that you can talk with us about?

Releasing my full length feature film, Seaper Powers The Movie! This will be my biggest move ever, and I cannot wait! You are so empowering and inspiring Kim! Where can everyone get "Seaper Powers" and connect with you and all your upcoming projects?

The best is my websites: and

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