Once a fashion showroom owner now turned mom and blogger/writer, Brianne Manz lives in New York City with her husband, three children, puppy Copper where they enjoy their fast paced city life. Stroller In The City boasts about city living, family travel, kids fashion and all things that are mommy. Brianne is also co-host on US Weekly's Moms Like Us. Brianne has been featured on the Today Show, E! News, People Magazine and more!

Hi! We're so glad you could take this interview and we're so excited to be able to learn all things YOU! Let's start from the beginning! When did you fall for fashion!

I have always had a passion for fashion. I received my bachelors degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology where I then went on to open up my own fashion showroom. I loved connecting with designers and creatives on fashion and fashion trends.

Would you wear the very first outfit you put together now?

Oh man I don't think I remember the first outfit I put together but while my fashion evolution has seen many trends come and go, I would say I have always leaned towards feminine colors and prints. I’m a girly girl at heart and my fashion speaks to that. I’ve been wearing maxi dresses for as long as I can remember, but I guess the answer is sure!

What is the best part of creating your look?

Any OOTD is an extension of the person wearing it. It is an amazing way to not only express our personality but also how we want to feel that day. Whether I want to look and feel elevated and sophisticated, or casual and cool, my looks communicate that. Fashion is a language within itself.

Do you like a theme when it comes to putting together a look?

Pinks and florals! I could easily dress for Spring and Summer all year round. I often break the seasonal rules because I ultimately need to be true to what makes me feel most like myself.

What is the most consistent advice you have to give when trying a new look?

Play around! Fashion identity evolves! While I have found what works best for me and how I want to express myself, It took time and trends to get here. Wear fun colors, textures, prints, etc… See what makes you feel your best self. Finding that is part of our individual growth.

Are there any challenges to coming up with THE vision you know is just perfect for yourself but might not be ready to take the leap?

I think society offers challenges. It has these unspoken fashion rules, especially womens fashion, that I personally don't subscribe to. These rules become noise in our heads and then we get off track with our organic visions we have for ourselves.

How important is branding when it comes to style?

While I think there are amazing brands that have been consistently beautiful and interesting, I also love discovering new designers and their fresh ideas!

Is there a style that is a NO GO every time?

I personally lean towards more feminine colors and shapes. And while there's a whole market for dark chic styles, and chunky boots, it’s not what makes me feel my best self!

What is a trend that is always a YES?!

PINK! Heheh! No but really, pink speaks to me and it’s one of my greatest loves. But a more specific trend or shape would be a maxi dress! I definitely feel most like myself in a dress!

How do you set yourself apart to keep your uniqueness?

I think because in time my fashion has become so consistent, it’s become a part of my brand. People can bet on me showing up in a pink floral dress to almost any event. My look has become a part of me and how people know me.

Where does your confidence come from?

Time! Experience! Motherhood! So many life events have helped me find my voice and to feel confident in that voice. Through time and years of experiences it becomes easier to silence doubt and to be proud of your unique self. But don’t get me wrong, I question everything I do on a daily basis as well.

What is the most daring decision you have made so far in your career?

The most daring decision was to leave my full time job at Earl Jean and start my own showroom. I started from the bottom with nothing but determination and hard work. It was so scary but I knew I had an idea I really wanted to realize!

What is the most daring style you've done?

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever tried anything darling per se, but overtime I’ve definitely tried a variety of trends and styles to find my best fashion expression.

Is there anything in your closet you're updating right now that you would like to pass on to others?

I really like holding onto my favorite pieces. While I do donate often, there are pieces that have been with me for decades that I just can’t part with. They’re like an extension of my fashion history.

How can people follow your fashion journey?

People can definitely follow along on my website and on my social platforms. or @StrollerInTheCity

Last but not least, leave us with your best style advice you've received EVER.

Wear what feels comfortable to you, Your confidence will shine through. And always buy classic pieces, especially when it comes to bags!

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