Singer/ Songwriter Juliana Hale does what she wants when it comes to her fashion and music!

You are so fashionable Juliana! Where do you get your inspiration from?

I pull a lot of inspiration from other artists, I love Stevie Nick’s style and Halsey’s. Lately, Instagram’s targeted ads have been doing a great job of finding clothes for me haha Do you think it's important to have a particular style when it comes to how you want to present yourself as an artist?

Definitely! But I also think the evolution of an artist's style can be cool so I try not to box myself in. I like to branch out. Some days I want to be a little edgier and some days I feel like sitting in a field with my cat and wearing really flowy pants. What is a style you'd never want to return?

Shoulder pads. Oh and really skinny eyebrows (like the thin line ones) What will always be in your closet and never go out of style for you?

Black jeans and a black crop top or leotard. Is there a daring trend you want to make part of your style?

Just cool sleeves all the time. How would you describe your style in word word?

Hippy pirate!

Are there any new music projects you're working on that you're releasing this year?

So many!! My next single is called Crazy featuring Derek Minor and will be out on September 17th. After that my song Dollhouse feat Wande will be out on October 30th!

How can our audience listen to more of your music and follow you on social media for any upcoming projects?

You can find my music on any streaming platform by just looking for Juliana Hale! Here is a link to all of my social media and music :)

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