We got the honor to chat with CEO of Makeup SOS about building her own business, being busy and why she does it all!

Hello! Thank you for taking this interview with us! How did Makeup SOS come to be?

I started MAKEUP SOS because I wanted a brand that was honest about its ingredients yet does not compromise on quality and vibrancy. I’ve always loved Golds, browns and pinks in lip glosses and eyeshadows. While I don’t suffer from sensitive skin I have also been intrigued by the names of the ingredients on the packets of makeup I’ve bought. More concerning how the ingredients are tested. Over the years I have come to realise that a lot of brands are not cruelty free but have a get out clause to market as such. I guess I got fed up with feeling like I didn’t know everything that’s in my products that I faithfully bought.

So I started by selling makeup kits that contained a little of everything but have since evolved into selling single products eyeshadows, lip balms and lip stains with simple ingredients. I also wanted containers that could be recycled or reused. So I scouted for eyeshadows and large makeup pots that can be recycled like any other card and plastics that were BPA free and that could be reused.

What does it mean to be the CEO of your own business?

A LOT. I am a single parent to my amazing 4 year old son,Jaxon and I am also the head of recruitment and customer support for a media company, full time. So I have a busy lifestyle! I am a passionate person by design. I never really think of being a CEO as such, I just take a lot of pride in my work. I designed my website from scratch and I always design all my social media posts and blogs myself. All my photographs are also taken by me so I ensure I develop a good sense of what I like. Being an owner of a brand is gruelling but I love it. I love designing content, playing with colour contrasts and playing with layouts. It feels good to be in charge of something that I truly love.

Do you think it's important to have a particular makeup regime when it comes to day to day?

I tend to go with the flow, I always try to cleanse daily especially if I have foundation on. My skin leans more toward being oily and since I started selling jojoba and rose hip oils I have been using them on myself and they have been amazing, balancing out the oil which is odd using an oil on oil! However it combats the sebum in the skin and helps for it to feel less greasy.

I also always moisturize. I like coconut smells in beauty products, so once I’ve cleansed I tend to add a moisturiser with a coconut scent. I have always used Rimmel's liquid foundation, as it is the best colour match for my skin. I then use a setting spray by Revolution which gives me dewy skin but also keeps my foundation in place all day. I also use my SOS golden and claret eyeshadows A LOT! So they go on with a little mascara if I don’t have my eyelashes on!

What is a makeup style you are loving right now?

Love the red lip tint look, with a really shiny gloss over the top. And I have just produced a warm rich purple lip tint that will be released in a few weeks. So I’m excited to showcase it. Anything Pat McGrath does; I’m obsessed with her!

What is a makeup style you'd never want to return?

You know currently there’s this trend where people literally comb their eyebrows in the opposite direction! I’m just not a fan. I’ve always had bushy eyebrows and by default they’ve always gone in the wrong direction, so to see it as a trend is a little disturbing as I want to comb everyone’s eyebrows back the right way!

What is a makeup go-to for anyone?

I don’t think anyone can ever go wrong with a gold or bronze eyeshadow, simple glossy lip tints. Even though we are all wearing masks at the moment a good gloss or shiny lip balm is just always a must.

What is your business' motto for makeup wearers?

“Let’s makeup!” This is my motto because I want people to buy my brand being open minded to something different, maybe they've tried a particular eyeshadow or gloss before and it never really worked out, so they try mine and begin the makeup process of falling in love again. Makeup is all about loving what you use, finding something that loves you. So I’ve taken the concept of let’s makeup, like it’s a relationship that you’re in love and need to come back together. I love the idea of trying new things in makeup and treating it like art. Let’s make up is also a motto for you to literally make yourself up with divine confidence.

What is the most important takeaway you want to give people about yourself and being in the beauty industry?

Honesty. A brand that will be transparent about its ingredients and keeping it simple. I want people to know my brand is for everyone. There’s not one loose eyeshadow powder that I have that can’t be used for every single woman of all skin tones and skin types. I want my customers to trust me, believe in what I say. I love the artistry of makeup and the love and care that I put into my brand!

How can our audience go and support Makeup SOS and follow you on social media for any upcoming releases?

Instagram @shopmakeupsos

Facebook makeupsos.cosmetics

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