We are excited for all the things to come for you, Aries!!!

Hi Aries! Thanks for being here!

The cover of Squared Style! So cool! How do you feel? I am excited and honored! What is the one fashion trend you hope stays forever? Big earrings! I love my earrings, definitely can't do without those. What is the one fashion trend you regret participating in? I don't think I have any regrets! Everything has its season and if I had fun with it at the time, then I'm glad I did it. :) Vintage or new?

Vintage Describe your personal style/style philosophy. I like to play around with highlighting my masculine or feminine energy based on how I am feeling at the moment. My personal style is all about creative expression, so I'm often doing something a little different or unexpected. I don't take myself too seriously, I like to have fun with it! What are your three wardrobe staples? Leggings, oversize denim jacket, gold hoops What is one fashion item you are willing to spend more money on? Good jeans are a must so I'm willing to splurge on those. Do you have any favorite local designers/brands?

I love up-and-coming Inland Empire, CA brand Counter Co'ture (@counterco.ture on IG)! They are all about positivity and serving the community. And their designs are so cute! What is next for you? I am currently in the midst of releasing my first EP, called Sunshine! I am dropping one song from the project every three weeks until April 9th. I have a few music videos coming soon as well! After that, more music on the way! ;) Please tell our readers where they can follow you!

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