Beth Muecke Rocks Our First Cover

We would LOVE to borrow your pantsuit, Beth!!!

Hi Beth! Thanks for being here today!

How often do you set goals for yourself?

Depends on the goals. Most of us have a few long term goals and many short term goals. I tend to set my long term goals (or they find me) at the beginning of each decade. I sort of morph into what's going to set the course for the next decade. As far as short term goals (which tend to be the details of the long term ones), I set those as often as weekly.

What is your biggest day to day challenge?

Well, I tend to miss my children because they both live in other states. That's a challenge. Otherwise, I have a pretty flexible schedule so it allows me to dictate my days - which removes a lot of the challenge.

We are loving the pantsuit you are wearing, have you always been a fan of a pantsuit?

Yes, I love a good pantsuit. I used to wear them in the '70s and even though I'm known for my short skirts and shorts, I love the classic look of a pantsuit.

If you could go back to any era of fashion, what era would it be and why?

That's a tough one because there are things from so many eras I like. I love some of the glamorous Hollywood fashion from the '40s and '50s, the mod fashion from the '60s, the boho '70s, the flirty fashion of the 2000s, and the bold fashion of the 2010s. You notice I didn't mention the 80's lol.

Do you still get fully glammed, even when in quarantine?

Yes and no. Since I'm a fashion blogger and model, I am still getting glammed up for photoshoots. I'm also single, so I bring the glam for dates. However, due to quarantine, I am wearing tons more yoga/sweat pants and no makeup up. There are no galas, luncheons or parties to dress for right now. The people at my cleaners are like "where have you been?"

If you had one extra hour in the day, how would you spend it?

Probably dancing around at a music festival, followed by some wine at home while relaxing after.

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