All Things Style with Melissa Gail Klein!!

Hi Melissa! Great to speak with you today!

It's so great to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Have you been working on any new projects lately?

I'm currently working on a new EP, called Home, which is a follow up to my 2020 release Crystalline Charm. It's a 7 song, stripped down album featuring my live band, the Morning Dew. There's a wide range of sounds from crunchy electric rock and roll to refined, almost classical music moments. We're really going for the most heart centered, raw expression of the music- I want listeners to feel like they're in the room with us. I love performing and plan to start playing out and touring with the new EP this coming fall 2021.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Such a difficult question but if I have to choose a handful I'd say Jackson Browne, Laura Marling, Moorea Masa, Madison Cunningham, Nick Drake, Iron and Wine, Joni Mitchell, and Bonnie Raitt.

On that note, who are some of your style or fashion influences?

Mostly friends here in Austin, TX, keeping it weird. My friend Shell Bailey has a company called Create Share Repeat and makes some awesome hand-painted jumpsuits. I love the style of my musical friends Ley Line, those ladies have it going on.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I've always had an eclectic sense of style. I like flattering cuts that aren't too revealing, lot's of color, patterns, silver jewelry, and extra bonus points for soft, flowy fabrics.

Do you have any go-to staple wardrobe pieces that you have to have?

I have a few floor length, vibrant skirts and a jean vest I like to wear these days. The vest adds a bit of spice to simple flowy outfits. I have a few beaded bracelets too that I rarely take off.

Do you have any favorite independent brands or stores you like to shop at?

I'm mostly a thrift shopper, but I really love Create Share Repeat, and anything local, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

What advice would you give someone looking to build their own sense of style?

Use your intuition and wear what you gravitate toward. Sometimes things don't have to match, you can create a palate of colors and textures you like even if it's not traditional. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and authentically you!

Please let our readers know where to find you!

Check me out on Spotify, bandcamp, instagram @Melissa_Gail_Klein and on my website

Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

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